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Saturday, July 15, 2006

I Was There, I Wrote, I Lived

People often ask me why I'm laughing, and it's because I'm always on the look-out for irony, and I often find it. There's little that people do that isn't funny, and at least in my swirling soap opera of a life. You're all just so damn amusing.

Even the most gruesome things are funny, in an instructive sort of way. If you can see the similarity between the Christian crusades and the Democratic crusades, that's pretty funny. We're still waging the same wars hundreds of years later, cloaked under a different ideal. Pretty freaking scarily funny. Over and over again, we fight out wars of ideas with swords, and get no further each time we chop each other up.

Make no mistake that the War on Terror is a fight we can never win. Not with secrecy, torture, and bombs. A war of ideas can only be won by debate and through example, and in the meantime, the right and/or rich side has to endure the wacko crazy outbursts of the embattled segment of society. The suicide bombers. The hijackings. The poorly-made rockets. The deaths of innocents. That's the price of being rich and powerful, not an excuse to start a war to keep the military machine oiled.


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