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Friday, December 22, 2006

The Statistically Proven 11 Secrets of Big Diggs

I have conducted an analysis of top articles on Digg and Reddit over the last 1.5 months. The results of my study are not surprising. Below I have posted the list in ascending order of the topic categories most likely to rise to the top of these two sites, as well as a graph for some back-up info.

While I make no claims about the accuracy of this study, drop me a line if you are interested in my methodology or some other breakouts I did.

The Top 11

11. Make a flagrantly liberal comment about a well-known conservative.

10. Reddit, Digg, or Fark: boobies are king.

9. Triple A: Atheism, altruism, and academia oh my.

8. Web 2.0.

7. Giant animals.

6. Haskell, Lisp, or Erlang will all do in a pinch.

5. Python or Ruby… bonus points for rails.

4. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

3. The rich get richer.

2. Vista.

1. Best of, Top 10, Secrets, Tips, and/or Tricks. Who needs a link?


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