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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Halfway Home

I am now sitting in my hometown of Houston, recharging after the first 2,000 miles of my journey. Tomorrow, I leave for Tucson to see some family members and make that last charge across the desert to paradise. My stay here has been pleasant, but I am antsy to get to San Francisco, find an apartment, and go to work.

On Wednesday, I chose to gamble a little bit and turned down a position with Grey Advertising to instead work with a new start-up based in Pittsburgh. While we are 99% sure the funding is coming through, there is still the odd chance that I threw away a good position for nothing. So the last half of this trip will be tainted by a nagging worry, but I'm confident nonetheless.

It has been nice to reconnect with all the Pittsburgh expatriates as I go. It seems that they are all getting married, and I will be going to three wedings in the next year or so.


At 7:23 AM, Blogger Write Your Wrong said...

In the words of Anne Sexton:

Today life opened inside of me like an egg
and there inside
after considerable digging
I found the answer.
What a bargain!
There was the sun,
her yolk moving feverishly,
tumbling her prize-
and you realize that she does this daily!

From the poem Live

and now the sun will bring you life.


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