Searching the Haight for Signs of Life

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Camping Yesterday

Brad and I saw the strangest alien creature in Laurel Canyon yesterday, and we may have been observing the beginning of some fey alien invasion.

We were mucking along the river when we spotted a luminescent green caterpillar eating its way across the algae on some damp rocks. It had a bright red head that swiveled around and looked at us eerily when we crouched to observe its life.

Getting out to the woods and interacting with plants and animals is a good way to give yourself a little perspective about the world. Everything is aware, everything is trying to live together, and it's all very beautiful until we start blowing stuff up.

Questions I would still like answered:

1) Do mushrooms grow overnight?
2) Do birds gossip about animals and campers?
3) Can people really rub sticks together to make fire? We had a hard time with twigs, a knife, a lighter, kindling, and branches.
4) Did cavemen keep fire going since the first time they figured out it was useful? Where did they get this fire? Lightning? A forest fire? Will there ever be a Delorean capable of taking us back in time to find out?

Actually, most of question 4 is Brad.


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