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Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Lumbergs?

The Lumbergs is what my new California friend suggest for the band name, and the band is starting to seem more band-like now that Kevin purchased a cherry red Ibanez bass today.

He based the purchase on my patented strategy for buying your first guitar, which is to buy the second-to-cheapest one, because there's a reason the cheap one is the cheapest.

Kevin is going to be a good addition to the band. He is sort of anal about things, like calculating deep tactics in go and chess, where I am more prone to play sloppy and count on my strategy to get me through. He is also already encouraging us to "rock" more than I tend to do, as I prefer a more poppy, folksy sound. But if we are going to have gigs at dives in the Haight, he's right. We gotta rock.

Look for the Lumbergs in concert next summer.

Anyone got a drum kit?


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