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Monday, October 30, 2006

Boulders Keep a Tumblin' Back Down

That was last week, and I'm hoping I can avoid a similar experience in the current one. Specifically, I am pushing the following boulders up a hill:

1) Sales Presentation
2) Corporate Identity Design
3) Stationery
4) Technical Documentation
5) Website
6) PR Campaign

All of these things kind of depend on each other, and there is lots of consensus-building involved in making each one, so it is a process that is at times painful. But it's fun, and I expect it to be fulfilling as each gets completed.

Then, they all become living documents that you have to tend to like a shepherd, killing and eating the ones that are no longer valuable and bringing in new sheep to the flock as times dictate. And if the herd gets big, it better be useful, and then you need some other shepherds to come in and watch some of the sheep, or at least tend to the shearing and whatnot.


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