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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Apartments in San Francisco

After a long, arduous search, Kevin, Dan, and I have found a San Francisco apartment that left us all wide-eyed with excitement as we glanced furtively at each other to ensure we all felt the same way upon viewing. We just hadn’t seen an apartment this nice, with all the accoutrements that we went in wanting, and mostly uncontested based on poor computer use.

We’d seen some stuff during the week, probably about 10 apartments over the last two weeks, but they were all majorly imperfect. Some had rooms that were about 8 x 8. Some were in the Mission, but had no parking, laundry, gas burners, or porch. Others were just in the Sunset, oh so far away from everything and even colder than everywhere else.

As it turns out, when looking for apartments in San Francisco, you get good ones the same way you get good deals on eBay. You look for the misspellings and mispostings that everyone’s well-designed queries were missing. After we did our normal 3 bedroom, less than $2500 search, couple with a 4 bedroom, less than $3300 search, and set up some appointments, Kevin went trolling through all the apartments until he found our gem.

He found a place which had no price listed, that was categorized as Bernal Heights, but was really more of the Outer Mission. So we scurried over there and found that it fell just barely in our price range, was close to everything, was a cool nook with three well-sized rooms, and included a breathtaking view of the city from our porch. You can see the entire Downtown and surrounding resedentia, along with a piece of the Bay.

It’s sunny, has gas burners, our own washer and dryer, dishwasher, a loft in one of the rooms, and is no more than .5 miles from Mission restaurants and shops. Pending approval of our application, we’re set to move into perhaps the best apartment in all of San Francisco about the 25th of September.

Kevin’s girlfriend Anna also found her San Francisco apartment similarly, by responding to a sparse ad and finding it terribly cool. Part of the reason the ad for our house was so short was that it was posted from a PDA. I guess the key to finding apartments in San Francisco is just persistence and thoroughness. Showing up at two open houses with 50 people waiting half an hour early with pre-printed applications is just not going to cut it.

Pictures of our breathtaking view are forthcoming, which only cost me a bit more than triple what I was paying in Pittsburgh.


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