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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Food Psychology

Here's an interesting tidbit from an article I found on Fark. I'm curious as to how much these factors weigh in comparison to other deciders of food liking:

"We know, thanks to recent findings, that people drink more than a third more fruit juice when they pour it into a short, wide glass instead of a narrow, tall one, and that people will eat more of a product if it comes in a bigger package. We know that people will report that a breakfast bar tastes worse if the packaging describes it as containing soy, even if it contains no soy, and that Black Forest Double-Chocolate Cake tastes better than Chocolate Cake, even when the cakes themselves are identical. Above all, we know that just because people say they want to eat more healthily, it doesn't mean they really do."

Read down a good bit to read about how to fatten people up just by providing a bigger spoon through the wizardry of "unit bias."


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