Searching the Haight for Signs of Life

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Slight Change of Course, Outlook Still Warm and Sunny

It looks likes I will be couch-surfing for the remainder of this month at friend Kevin's abode. With his lease ending at the end of September, and Dan looking for a move to the city, we are going to find ourselves a cozy 3-bedroom apartment. So the Craigslist quest continues, but with a different bent. Hopefully, as September wears on, the pickings will become fuller with students settling on housing and leaving leasers looking to get leasees in a hurry.

Tonight I have to find an interesting place in the Mission District to meet someone I met on Craigslist, and in the meantime work on an assignment I got from E/S in Pittsburgh. Next week, the SureLogic work will begin with vigor, and I have to think about better arrangements besides Kevin's couch.

For tonight's adventure, I'm thinking taqueria, lively coffehouse, or a bar that's not too terribly loud. Cass suggests for help with deciding.


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