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Friday, August 25, 2006

Does Washing Your Car Improve Mileage?

Here's an interesting discussion on this question based on a claim that regularly washing your car could save you 7% on gas mileage. The discussion is much better than the blog post, and one comment hit it right on the head with, "How dirty is your car?" I tend to believe that your car would need much muck caked on before you saw even a 1% difference.

I would be happier if the Internet were less anonymous and we could see the physics credentials on the spreadsheet guy and everyone else who makes a deductive claim. Dan and I were discussing the direction of the Internet in terms of its quasi-anonymous nature just last night. This discussion could really shed light on the question if we knew who to believe.


At 4:45 AM, Blogger Brian Carr said...

I agree, I should probably be less anonymous in my postings on Daily Fuel Economy Tip - however, in the post I explicitly state that I was getting this information from a third party. Since I linked to their site, it the credibility issue ultimate falls on them, at least for this post.

For the rest of them, it's all on me.


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