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Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Trouble with iPods

Must have been last night, some drug-crazed lunatic wandered up a terribly steep hill to my car and smashed in my passenger side window. I can only assume, since they didn't take anything, that they were allured by the iPod charger cable that I foolishly left in view.

I can only assume because they didn't even rummage through the rest of the car, which contains most of my worldy stuff, including an electric guitar, an amplifier, and a nice set of speakers, among other things. If they only knew what the fishing rods were worth, they would have taken those.

Thanks you Mr./Ms. Thief for not taking my iPod charger cable. I only wish I could have made you sweep up all the glass around the car and deal with this new expense on my "just moved to California and rented a $900/month apartment" budget.

P.S. Brad, now I know how you feel.


At 5:49 AM, Blogger CapitolMan said...

Call Bonno. He'll gladly round up some crack addicts who you can beat severely.


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